• Avoid Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

  • Avoid Liquidation

  • Eliminate Financial Trouble

  • Cost Effective

  • Not Debt Consolidation but a True Solution, directly between you and your creditors

We have saved numerous businesses from bankruptcy and problematic debts, working with (major) banks and creditors.

Creditors have attorneys and collection agencies to turn to when there is a problem with an account receivable. Their actions turn into an immediate increase of cost to you when having to defend yourself.

Who does your company have to help you when there is a problem bill or a cash flow crunch? There are more cost effective ways to deal with these issues.

Leave it to us, the experts at U Group. Especially since we offer a no success, no fee approach; we have to be good at what we do.

We help you with Overdue Invoices (lawsuits, judgments included), Debt Restructuring, Capital Acquisition, IT, Operations and other (Small) Business Support services. Take our effort and try us first at our expense. We are based in North Carolina and accredited by the State of North Carolina as an SME.


Please note that we are not a law firm and do not render legal advice. If the services of an attorney are required, then only a law firm can provide such legal services. We are not a “debt settlement” firm and do not work with consumer debt.

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