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Your company (and/or you personally) has/have been hit with a (financially related) lawsuit.

Be it an open book account or a different financially related issue.

We’re here to help. We are experts on the financially related corporate issues. We are extremely efficient negotiators who are on your side


Lawyers focus on the legal aspects. In some cases that is necessary. In most financially related issues however, the legal issue dissolves when the financial issue is taken care off.

To prove to you how we stand behind our model, we operate on a no success, no fee basis. That means no “out of pocket costs” to you, and our assessment of your issue is always free.


Agreements are directly between you and the creditor(s) (beware of differently structured mediations or restructurings!).

Try us and find out why many companies chose this more cost-effective process over costly legal alternatives.


Disclaimer: Please note that we are not a law firm and do not render legal advice. If the services of an attorney are required, then only a law firm can provide such legal services. We are not a “debt settlement” firm and do not work with consumer debt.

Thanks for submitting!

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