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Our U-Group Small Business Support division helps businesses with everyday challenges and opportunities.


Any business is welcome to solicit our help, whether it is an immediate creditor or other business-related issue or not. In fact, being ahead of the game and getting an overview of possibilities to prevent issues or capitalize on (cost saving or revenue increasing) opportunities, is a must for companies to stay ahead of the game.


We advise companies on:


IT Security/Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery options (necessity!) – Don’t get hacked and know how you can mitigate in case you do get hit with cyberattacks.


Business Automation – Sometimes more affordable than you may think. Get an overview of possibilities, expected cost and ROI (Return On Investment).


Contract Negotiations – Avoid pitfalls and tailor contracts to your specific needs as a business. If you’re dealing with IP (Intellectual Property) then we can assist with that as well.


Employee hiring and retainment – We don’t pretend to be an HR company, but we do know ways of dealing with hiring and retaining employees. Loss of knowledge can be costly for any company.


Cashflow improvements – Creditor Management, loan restructurings and more. Also see HEED Financial Services.


Cost Reductions – From more obvious ones like energy and loan related costs, to company specific ones (based on assessments). Lower prices do not always mean lower overall cost. In some cases, we can do these on a No Success, No Fee basis.


Professional Services Assessment - We work closely in conjunction with your CPA, or we can assist you with finding the right CPA for you. Having a strong CPA (Accountant) that supports your business (pro-)actively, is an important part of your overall business health. Same for insurance agents and other related professional services that you hire to support your business goals.



We welcome a conversation to see what we can do for you.

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